Can You Lead Me to the Shoe Department Please!

Posted on 18 January 2020

With technology catapulting through various industries and hitting consumers in the face, do you really need to think that hard as to what the future may bring? Robots are certainly not new to the retail industry, but one thing is for sure – they are gaining full traction.

Retail companies have been using robotics and automation in their warehouses for decades. Traditionally developed to sort, pick and pack, robots are now being seen on retail floors assisting customers and stocking and scanning shelves.

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Robots explore the store isles finding empty shelves and then inform workers so they can replenish with the required items. Robots are able to perform these repetitive tasks without complaint and as a result, the shelves stay stocked and consumers are happy finding the products they wish to purchase. They can move, grip, carry out duties, ‘think’ with the help of artificial intelligence and function with a high level of independence.

Another benefit for commercial owners is that the robots spend time scanning the store for hazards or potential accidents. Using sensors along with artificial intelligence, the robots then report such hazards and warn customers of a potential threat. Workplace safety is always at the front of business owners’ minds so having robotics and automation on hand to alleviate some of these potential issues are priceless; no more heavy lifting required!

More and more retailers are increasing their implementation of robots both on the retail floor and behind the scenes. With their proven navigation and intellectual abilities, robots are nimbler than before and able to perform additional tasks.

With the rapid growth in Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth and artificial intelligence, the cost of these technologies has fallen allowing retailers the opportunity to invest in new and improved innovations.

Let the robots do the work! We can now focus precious time on customer service and the needs of our buyers.

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Mexx Engineering® is one of the few robotics and automation companies in Australia. We are known for designing and manufacturing complete lines that are built to handle a range of functions from upstream processing, sorting and packing through to the end of line palletisation. 

Mexx Engineering® can streamline the packaging & palletising industry using innovative and versatile systems such as:

The implementation of robotic automation within the packaging & palletising industry offers incredible potential for improved safety, quality and productivity by enhancing process monitoring and control.

Packaging and palletising machines manufactured by Mexx Engineering® are user-friendly. It is built with combined controllers and instinctual human-machine interfaces. They’re brainier with advanced sensing and software, and more proficient at handling product variants.

Robotic automation through Mexx Engineering® guarantees flexibility, quality output and reliability. Production line automation allows companies to leverage resourcefulness and efficiency without sacrificing quality.