Add Another Hero to the Medical Industry – Robots!!

Posted on 27 December 2019

Nurses, surgeons, and specialists are the heroes of healthcare. Add to that array of hero’s yet another one – the robots! These robots strengthen the surgeon’s ability with precision and repeatability. They reduce waste, improve patient care and save on costs for the hospitals. Having robots in the medical industry provides technology developers with the opportunity to create new platforms. The level of computable and detectable information provided by this automation is proving invaluable.

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Robots in the healthcare industry assist by alleviating medical personnel from tedious tasks, allowing them to focus on more pressing responsibilities, and by making medical practices safer and less expensive for families and patients. The robots can perform accurate surgery in tiny places and move hazardous or dangerous substances. Robots are reducing the risks not only for the patient but also for the staff within the hospital.

Nurses are being assisted by robots as they too monitor patients’ vitals, allowing nurses to monitor many patients at once and if there is a need for the nurse’s presence the robot simply alerts them. The robots assist by delivering medicine and supplies via carts and most interesting the robots are assisting surgeons during operations.

Robotic surgery is believed to be safer than open surgery. The hospital stay ends up being shorter, cutting down the risk of infection; pain and tenderness is downgraded; recovery time is quicker, there is minimal scarring and blood loss and transfusions are reduced.

This amazing new technology appears in many sectors of the medical industry and directly affects the way that patients are cared for; from cleaning and disinfecting rooms, navigating through hallways delivering medical products, to administering physical therapy.

There is a lot of discussion about the growth of robotics in healthcare, mostly about the fact that robots are becoming cheaper to buy and proving very valuable and capable in performing duties. Medical applications are only going to gain momentum; robots and humans working collaboratively are projecting a tremendous development within the industry – in ways we can only imagine.

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