Types of robots you want to bring home

Posted on 13 September 2022

With the cost of living going through the roof in recent months, we are likely all spending more time at the office trying to get ahead, not to mention all the other responsibilities we have in our lives outside of the workplace.

Home-based robotics has existed since the rise of the automatic vacuum cleaner back in 1996. With the recent advancement in robotic automation, there are multiple types of robots that were invented to perform more advanced and sophisticated tasks around the house.

As an example, the cargo carrier robot by Gita (as shown in the image below) is designed to assist with shopping and other load in and around the house. This cool robot will certainly save you the hassle of multiple trips to car for those heavy shopping bags.

 Image source - https://mikeshouts.com/gitamini-cargo-carrying-following-robot-by-piaggio/

Image Source: https://mikeshouts.com/gitamini-cargo-carrying-following-robot-by-piaggio/